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New Alphabet School #4 Caring

To care is to recognize all bonds, between both humans and non-humans; between humans and their systems, their infrastructures and institutions, and to attend to their fragility. Ethics of care challenge us to construct social relations and systems based on situational and contextual morality, beyond abstract or universal notions of justice, to allow us to turn to processes of care, re-pair, maintenance and healing.

The opening day of New Alphabet School #4 Caring explores, maps, complicates and challenges notions of caring, considered as both, a range of practices and an ethics of being together otherwise. It introduces the audience to the history of the concept of care but also to the contemporary discourse around caring and thereby sets the ground for the upcoming contributions of the following days.

With Sascia Bailer, Gilly Karjesvky, Rosario Talevi, Olga von Schubert

Opening Ritual: N E P O <
Audio by Polyphrenic Creatures
In German and English

On Caring
Conversation by Helena Reckitt and Elke Krasny followed by a Q&A

Atmospheric Escape: Fabulating Care
Audio by Johanna Bruckner

Film still: Wattenmeer (2019) | © Maternal Fantasies

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