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Anniversary of the Uralskiy Dixieland jazz ensemble. Part 1

Chelyabinsk State Philharmonic will host the concert in honor of the 50th anniversary of Igor Bourco's Uralskiy dixieland ensemble.
This band is considered the jazz brand of the South Ural, it truly is rich with talent, new creative ideas and star friends in different countries!

In the video version of the concert "50 years in jazz" you will see performances of the first persons of Russian jazz, friends and long-time creative partners of Igor Bourco's Uralskiy dixieland ensemble: David Goloschekin (Saint Petersburg), Maxim Piganov, Alexey Podymkin, Konstantin Gevondyan and Peter Vostokov (all musicians from Moscow), Lev Orlov (Saint Petersburg), youth ensemble "Kickin' Jass Orchestra" (Yekaterinburg), musical collectives of the Chelyabinsk Philharmonic.

On 17th of June you will see first part of anniversary concert and on 18th of June you will see second part.

Read more about the band here:

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