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'Antarnaad - Unlocking Musicians and their Music' will feature Sarode recital of Atish Mukhopadhyay in their Episode 18.

*About Antarnaad*:

In these difficult times, public concerts will not happen for quite some time. Life for professional musicians will be very hard. Saptak has launched an online weekly concert series titled ‘Antarnaad- Unlocking Musicians and their Music’ on 16th May' to keep music alive-not let it go silent, to provide a performance outlet, and to provide some sustenance to hard-pressed musicians.

*About the artist*:

Atish Mukhopadhyay began his music study in 1985 under the guidance of Guru Professor Dhyanesh Khan. In 1991, he found a new haven when he met and started to learn the art of Sarode playing under the affectionate guidance of Guru Ustad Aashish Khan. Atish has studied music from another finest Gurus of Indian Classical Music Mrs. Ameena Perera for over a decade. Atish has given his numbers of solo performances all over India and also abroad since 2006 including successful participation in different National and International music festivals.

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