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Couch Lesson: AI + Climate Change

If there is one application that we really want to see the technologies of AI geared towards it’s the big collective problems we’re facing. The effects of human activities on the planet is THE one. The global lockdown caused by the spread of the coronavirus shows that not even this is enough to decrease greenhouse gas emissions to the extent needed. Clearly we need to work out solutions to make energy use more efficient and cleaner and make better policy decisions in systems levels, as well as changed consumption patterns. For this we’re inviting AI researchers and climate scientists to give examples of just how AI can, and can’t help save the climate.

What you will learn:
* Where can AI be applied with high impact in the fight against climate change?
* How does AI help to the mitigation of greenhouse gas?
* How do we make sure that AI doesn’t accelerate the environmental degradation?


Victor Galaz, Deputy Director and Associate Professor at the Stockholm Resilience Centre / Sweden

Lynn Kaack, Energy Politics Group ETH Zürich, Co-Chair of Climate Change AI / Switzerland

Sims Witherspoon, Program Manager, DeepMind / UK

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