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Das Лид

«Das Лид» is an online performance based on the medieval Germanic epic poem “Song of the Nibelungs” (a joint project in which Russian and German artists take part). Everyone reads in their own language - in this way the text of the “Song”
ostensibly exists in several layers at once. The audience sees how the phenomena described in the poem are reflected in everyday life. Envy, hacking, aggressive attitude toward everything different - these themes emerge at the moment when the artists enter into dialogue with each other, leaving the images of medieval characters.
Three characters are involved in the reading «Das Лид», three female images. Three worlds, three different value systems that are found on a single territory: in the single space of art and on a single internet platform.
That is why the image of the destroyed Tower of Babel is used in the poster. The director explores the issue of mental, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Do they really make us so different?

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