Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Dimitri Vassilakis

Dimitri Vassilakis will be on our Youtube channel in the scope of 24th International Ankara Jazz Festival…

In 2019 The Bodrum Jazz Festival in Turkey and the Rhodes International Jazz Festival on the Greek island, have announced a collaboration as “sister festivals”. Bodrum Jazz Festivals, reached out to Dimitri Vassilakis Founder and Artistic Director of the Rhodes International Jazz Festival is going tos hare a keynote speech called “Jazz & Democracy”. He presented as a talk/discussion or on a bigger scale as a forum/performance to showcase how jazz has become global and has embraced the broad democratic values that were first established in ancient Greece. After the speech a mini performance with his son Nestoras Vassilakis will be at the festival channel. We appreciate Redwood Entertainment for their precious support.

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