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From Grief to Rejoicing - Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Ensembles

Just two days before the Holy Week of the Orthodox Church, this streamed chamber music programme with members of the CySO and Maestro Jens Georg Bachmann reflects the progression from the Divine Passion to Resurrection with music whose emotive expression leads from gravitas, introspection and grief to the resilience, buoyancy and rejoicing of the resurrection.

J.S. Bach: Chaconne from Partita no. 2 BWV 1004 for Solo Violin
Wolfgang Schroeder,violin

G.P. Telemann: Fantasia no. 6 in D minor, TWV 40:7 ad. for bassoon
Giovanni Magni, bassoon

Solon Michaelides: “Nostalgie” for Bass Clarinet&Piano, ad. from original cello version by George Georgiou
Angelos Angelides, bass clarinet/J.G. Bachmann, piano

A. Copland: “Quiet City” for Trumpet, English Horn&Piano
Gareth Griffiths, trumpet/Laura Rodgers, English horn/J.G. Bachmann, piano

J.S. Bach: from the Suites for Solo Cello: Sarabande from Suite no. 5 and Gavottes 1-2 from Suite no. 6
Jakub Otčenašék, Cello

G. Donizetti: Sonata for Oboe&Piano
Simeon Spasov, oboe/J.G. Bachmann, piano

Händel/Halvorsen: Passacaglia for violin&cello
Sorin Alexandru,violin/Jakub Otčenašek, cello

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