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Golem-Labor Conference

The international workshop series Golem-Labor by the Goethe-Institut brings together contemporary dance and mixed reality technologies.

How does the interaction of performing arts and technology impact the audience? How can the body and its physicality be experienced in VR? What are the limitations when working with Motion Capture technologies or volumetric recording? And can the technology be more than just a tool?

During the Golem-Labor conference, artists and XR experts will share their experiences, artistic projects and open a dialogue on the intersection of art and immersive technologies.

Part 1 16:00–18:10 CEST – Physicality and the body. Movement in XR
Key note: Peggy Schoenegge
Contributions by Carly Lave, Andrej Boleslavský, Victor Pardinho, Daiane Lopes da Silva
Host: Christian Stein

Part 2 18:30–20:30 CEST – Reimaginations in VR. Technology as a Character
Contributions by Tom Lilge, František Pecháček, Diana Rico, Mika Johnson and Marcel Karnapke
Closing speech: Tupac Martir
Host: Christian Stein


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