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INTERSECCIONES III: Matías Umpierrez & Piel de Lava

Matías Umpierrez proposes a series of virtual meetings between different creators to reflect on how this new reality affects the contemporary from different perspectives.
The world - to a greater or lesser extent - remains confined. Matías Umpierrez invites a series of artists/creators to talk and reflect on how this new reality has had an impact on contemporary narratives, on interpersonal relationships, on the use or abuse of power, on the encounter with communication, technologies and the creation of new perspectives between earth and humanity, phphysicality and virtuality, reality and fiction.

Matías Umpierrez (Buenos Aires)–a multidisciplinary artist who produces works in theatrical, audiovisual, and curatorial formats in theatres, museums, and non-conventional spaces around the world.

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