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Due to the quarantine, the state Museum of arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A. Kasteev has started online broadcasting. We strive to offer a rich content that will be an alternative to a live visit to the museum, i.e. excursions, lectures, master classes in a virtual format.
Preview of the first broadcasting:
The state Museum of art of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after A. Kasteev invites you to the first "ONLINE EXCURSION" in the permanent exhibition of the memorial hall of Abylkhan Kasteev. The tour is conducted by the scientific Secretary of the Museum, candidate of art history Ekaterina Reznikova.
"ONLINE EXCURSIONS" is a museum project created specifically for those who want to stay in the world of art, despite the temporary restriction of access to the museum collections. The project includes a regular cycle of excursions themselves, as well as acquaintance with individual exhibits of the collection, online guides to the permanent exhibitions and current exhibitions of the museum.
Facebook instagram, YouTube, and other official resources of the Museum are scheduled to update the content of the “ONLINE EXCURSIONS” section every day at 12: 00.

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