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Legitimizing Socialism, Lecture by Svetlana Slapšak

In a song from the 80's, the Greek singer Savopoulos says: love works in favour of socialism. That is the time of PASOK in Greece, about ten golden years, before that party lost its ideas and language, and fell into nationalism. The connection between love and politics is an old (ancient) phenomenon, it puts desire, pleasure and democracy at the center of politics.

During the coronavirus epidemic (which may be just the beginning of the era of epidemic cultures), knowledge from practice, not from ideology, becomes important and is built into the consciousness of citizens, that equality is based on human needs, and not on their social position. Marx's key turn is experiencing a renaissance, which neoliberal capitalism immediately notices. On one hand, the issue of "the need" (ordinary survival, naked life according to Agamben) is cynically determined by the rules of "the need" (capital benefits and 1%), for example in European genocidal practices of abolishing the possibility of hospital treatment for the elderly population, and on the other hand, the public discourse of the “war” against viruses and the militarization of the public.

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