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Open Desktop

The Open Desktop event will wrap Pivô Research’s first cycle of residences with a series of activities proposed by the resident artists, especially for the internet. The program will be presented live, in a virtual meeting room, in June 3rd, 4th and 5th. In addition to the live programming, the event also includes a video program and the launching of a digital publication, Caderno Remoto, which brings together works and the records of working processes of the 12 artists who participated in the program: Ana Matheus Abbade, Eduardo Cardoso Amato, Gabriela Godoi, Helô Sanvoy, Júlia Rocha, Livia Paola Gorresio, Maria Noujaim, Matheus Chiaratti, Pedro Hurpia, Pedro Zylbersztajn, Walter Solon and Wisrah Villefort.

Pivô Research’s first cycle was accompanied by curators and aarea platform’s founders Livia Benedetti and Marcela Vieira, and held several online activities, some open to the public. The program was adapted to the online environment due to the suspension of Pivô’s public activities. Together, artists, curators and institution faced the challenge of repurposing and adapting their activities to the specificities of the digital context.

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