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Space Dogs (DOK Leipzig in Brussels)

T/D, 2019, 91 minutes, Russian
subtitles: English, German, French

The lead roles in the film Space Dogs are played by the street dogs of Moscow. The film skilfully combines images of the dogs as they roam and maraud through the sleeping city with the story of the dog Laika and space travel in the Soviet Union. Although it is generally known that Laika was the first living creature to be launched into space, it is less well known that she came from the streets of Moscow. She was captured by the Russian space organization for this mission because the toughness of the street dogs was thought to make them ideal for space travel.

Through the observation of Laika's successors, the film creates a magical decor of today's Moscow by night, in which people play no more than a secondary role, watched over by the spirit of the cosmic dog.

Each year three important German film festivals are represented in Brussels: the Forum of the Berlinale, DOK Leipzig and the Duisburger Filmwoche. As part of the series of German Film Festivals on Tour, this year the Goethe-Institut Brüssel and BOZAR present two outstanding films from the programme of DOK Leipzig.

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