Blaue Hintergrundillustration


The Blue Bird. Journey

In Russian with English subtitles

A play by Maurice Maeterlinck

This grand, sweeping production of M.Maeterlinck's tale by Boris Yukhananov is intertwined with the personal memories of veteran actors of the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre - Aleftina Konstantinova and Vladimir Korenev, who play the roles of Tyltyl and Mytyl.
The extravaganza plays out over three evenings containing eight separate acts, each of which is an independent performance. Boris Yukhananov comments: “Often a person's individual fate becomes associated with a fairy tale. And there is something in a fairy tale, no matter how it is done – in the style of English absurdity and nonsense culture on which Lewis Carroll's thinking is built, or Maeterlinck's clear, enlightened thought process, with its absolute sense of European mysticism. A fairy tale is a wonderful mirror, imbued with the deepest motifs. It can reflect theatre and its destiny as they truly are.”

In Part One Tyltyl and Mytyl set out on their quest. Vladimir Korenev and Aleftina Konstantinova recall their childhood during the war, their parents, the making of the legendary film Amphibian Man, and their colleagues at the old Stanislavsky Theatre.

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