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The Golgen Ass. Composition "City"

Boris Yukhananov’s “new processual” project is devoted to work interpreting Apuleius’ novel Metamorphosis or The Golden Ass.
The project is conducted in a manner that is completely new for Russian theatre: the genre of the open-circuited workspace.

For the first time Lucius enters Hypate, the magical city of Thessaly. He brings a letter to his uncle Milo, one of the most influential people in the city. On the threshold of the house he is met by the seductive servant Fotis who leads Lucius to the guest room. After a warm welcome Lucius prepares to go to the baths, but first goes to the market to buy something for dinner, and meets his old friend Pithius, with whom he studied in Attic Athens. At the market he also meets his aunt Birren, who tells him about the city and invites him to join her in a feast.

In Russian with English subtitles.

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