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TheOnlyArtist@BHROX: 24/7 BACH, by Lucien Danzeisen

In the frame of our art residency "The Only Artist" in BHR OX bauhaus reuse, Lucien Danzeisen turns the glass pavilion into a concert hall from 13 to 16 May 2020.

The project “24/7” started at the end of February with long-lasting recordings, made at home by Lucien Danzeisen while working, composing, washing clothes and playing the piano. Using a key of prime numbers and the decimal places of the number Pi, the composer edited these recordings and composed meta-pieces.
In BHR OX, Lucien Danzeisen uses extracts from these pieces as sound for reinterpretations of parts of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Art of the Fugue” – in order to record this again and process it further.

Join our livestream to observe Lucien Danzeisen's sound exploration!

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