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Zustand und Gelände

2019, 119 minutes, German, subtitles: F; EN

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What traces has the history of fascist atrocities left on the present landscape of Saxony?
In the early 1930s, Saxony was regarded as a stronghold of the workers' movement. When power fell to the Nazis, even in smaller towns they soon set up improvised concentration camps for political opponents, often in sports stadiums, former schools or other municipal buildings. Archive material gives an idea of just how much these concentration camps were part of the day-to-day lives of people at the time. Owners of small businesses, for example, speak of how they did business with the Nazis as suppliers to the concentration camps. At the visual level, the film shows in sober images what has become of these places today. In one village, for example, there is a plaque bearing the inscription: “Den Opfern: 30.01.33 – 09.11.89” (In memory of the victims: 30-1-33 – 9-11-89). The film also shows how commemorations remain politically controversial.

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