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BHR OX bauhaus reuse digital open house

Visit the urban lab BHR OX bauhaus reuse online!

On Ernst-Reuter-Platz stands a temporary building which consists of ca. 100 meters of reused façade elements from the Bauhaus in Dessau.
This project, developed by zukunftsgeraeusche in cooperation with the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of Berlin is a transdisciplinary hub for education, research and participation, as used as a pilot platform for the Charlottenburg campus with TU Berlin and UdK Berlin. With various events hosted throughout the year, the BHR OX programme focuses on discourse, practice and performative projects with the topics: modern society, politics and building culture, housing, sustainable urban development and recycling society as well as the future of education and work.

Until the glass box reopening, anyone interested can take a look at the building online, at any time - and get inspiration for events and project ideas. 360° shots enable a virtual walk through the building and across the traffic island.

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