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CONVERSACIONES is a space for meeting with artists. A mix of informal talk and reporting. We are interested in letting the public know their ideas and opinions in their own words. Not only tracing the biography of their careers but as makers of their art and thinkers of their craft. In other words, workers of the national culture.

Playwright, director, actress and teacher. She is a member of the Carlos Somigliana Foundation (SOMI), which is in charge of directing the People's Theatre. Former scholarship holder of the Carolina Foundation. She has participated in more than 50 plays in the last 20 years alternating roles.

She's a theatre director and teacher. She began her activity in stage direction in 1970. Since then she has performed more than 60 shows in the independent theatre, in the official theatres and some in the commercial theatre. She directed classic authors such as Shakespeare, Strindberg, Gorki, Miller; contemporary foreigners such as Thomas Bernhard, Juan Mayorga, Gombrowicz, Litell and numerous national authors, highlighting her collaboration with Pavlovsky and Gambaro.

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