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Demigods by Mia Efremova/Mia Volt

... is a dramatic text written in 2019/2020, on 31 pages, in English. There are 9 characters in the drama (these are: Astrid, Dionysus, Damien, Tom, Hermes, Hermod (Fake and Real), Artemis, Zeus, Hera). The play is divided into 2 acts and 6 scenes. The peculiarity of Mia Volt is that she is a dramatic medium for dynamic text hybrids, composed of her experiences and perceptions of literature, film, theater, everyday life, fine arts ... which with incredible speed and dramatic hecticity they transforms into dramas, through her filters of talent. She is so prolific and creative that she seems to be on the brink of chaos out of necessity
to explode into a million phenomenal dramatic texts, screaming to be staged.
We have so much bad local politics, that young people are on the brink of a personal atomic explosion.

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