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Films & Human Rights in Crisis [in South Africa]

"High Confidence – Films & Human Rights in Crisis" is a Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (and Aktion gegen den Hunger) podcast on current film and human rights affairs, offering you insights into the status quo of human rights and filmmaking worldwide. . Presented by festival director Anna Ramskogler-Witt.

[1] ... in conversation with Rehad Desai on South Africa

On April 8, we premiered the first episode. We talked to a very extraordinary filmmaker: Rehad Desai from South Africa is an investigative journalist, award winning filmmaker and civil rights activist. At the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin 2019 we showed his outstanding documantary "Everything Must Fall" about the 2016 student movement in South Africa against university fees.

In times of Covid-19 he is active on many fronts: as a journalist documenting the harsh restrictions by the South African Government but also as an activist seeking to ensure that his government’s response is rooted in social justice and democratic principles.

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