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Interview Shady Srour und Sophie Linnenbaum,PFF winners 2020

Interview with the winning directors in the Shorts Selection of the 10. Philosophical Film Festival, moderated by Prof. Aleksandar Prokopiev.
GOLDEN OWL - Jury Award for Best Short Film
'OSLO is a patient multilayered meditation on existentialism, crafted with a masterful command of a directing technique. It lets the viewer in on a negotiation on what is humane, questioning the human condition...'
SPECIAL MENTION -Stefan Sidovski - Sido
'PINKY PROMISE by Sophie Linnenbaum subverts the upper class lethargy with a playful deconstruction of the tyranny of social contracts, [...] skillfully moving between the comical register and a much-needed reflection on personal and collective responsibility...'
(PFF Jury 2020) SHADY SROUR is an actor, scriptwriter, director, producer and lecturer at the Open University. He was involved in 24 Hours Jerusalem (arte), winning the German TV Award for Best Documentary 2014 and was the Lead in the Oscar nominated Ave Maria (2015). SOPHIE LINNENBAUM finished psychology and studies directing at Film University Babelsberg. Her awarded shorts are: [OUT OF FRA]ME, DUOLOGUE - premier at Berlinale and went to Cannes 2017 and PIX - German Film Award

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