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Methodological cabinet of feminist research

An open conference on how to do research in a feminist way.

Moderator - Marina Israilova (St. Petersburg). Participants - Alla Mitrofanova, Anna Tyomkina, Vanya Solovey, Sasha Talaver, Alexander Kondakov, Nastya Dmitrievskaya, Irina Shirobokova, Cooperative of Distributed Consciousness.

Feminist reflection of the methodologies of various sciences (sociology, anthropology, research of science and technology, etc.) is associated with challenging the neutrality of the researchers’ position and the objectivity of scientific knowledge.

Refusing the image of the researcher as a registrar of objective data, feminist, gender and queer theories offer their own epistemology and methodology. In this vast field, there is room for questions about the ethics of fieldwork and data representation, the problematization of attitudes toward subject-object relations in the process of knowledge production, and reflection on the position of the researcher.

The first gathering of the cabinet of feminist research will be devoted to the epistemological foundations of feminist research, as well as field work methodologies.

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