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Microsite with AR Filter by Keiken and Sakeema Crook

Block Universe presents Mind, Body and Screen, a microsite with 3D avatars and AR features by Keiken in collaboration with Sakeema Crook. The website enables participants to watch performance footage through a specially created filter. The performance features the CGI character Pando, from the film Feel My Metaverse (Keiken and George Jasper Stone), which is augmented onto Sakeema Crook’s body. There is also a fascinating conversation on the site between Isabel Ramos of Keiken with Sakeema about their practice. For a link to the microsite and instructions on how to navigate it, please visit our website.

Block Universe is London’s leading performance art festival and international commissioning body. The microsite by Keiken and Sakeema Crook was developed on the occasion of Sessions, our first-ever virtual festival featuring workshops, podcasts, film, live performances and music, hosted from 25 to 30 May 2020.

Sessions was realised with Art Fund support.

Please visit our website for further information on Sessions, recordings and documentation of the online events:

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