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'I'm making site-specific for you, while you cut onions in the kitchen' or in short simple 'ONION' is a unique audio-promenade around the apartment only for one spectator.

In the period of Isolation, when you can't walk outside, we decided to make your apartment or house or bunker or wherever you're staying, into a place for a performance-promenade.
This is an exclusive performance, like a tailored suit. It's re-created every time for each person. What you will hear inside will depend on your character, attitude, and place of living. For this reason, 'Onion' is staged only 3-4 times per week, and has limited numbers of 'seats'.

-You fill out the form on the website.
-We create a text and sound-design for you, based on your answers.
-At the appointed day you'll receive an invitation link to a private telegram-channel and we start a play.
All you need to do is to perform easy and funny commands from your mystery friend in a game.

We guaranty a 1.30 hour of joy, traveling experience, solving puzzles, and meeting with yourself and your own freedom. Without leaving home.

The performance is available in the Russian language, so far. The English version is coming soon.

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