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PFF Encounter with director Perttu Saksa (ANIMAL IMAGE)

PFF encounter with film director Perttu Saksa, moderated by Stefan Palitov.

PERTTU SAKSA is a Finnish contemporary artist and photographer who lives and works in Helsinki. He has graduated (MFA) in fine arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and from photography (BA) from the Lahti University of Applied Science and studied art in Icelandic Academy of Arts 1999. Perttu’s photography and video works have been exhibited in various galleries and museums around Europe and in Finland.

ANIMAL IMAGE (Eläimen kuva, 2019), Finland, 30′

See the film on Cinesquare until 15 June:

A poetic documentary about the infinite relationship between man and animal created around the original music of Finnish jazz musicians Verneri Pohjola and Mika Kallio. The music, based on improvisation, is like an emotional language between the man and the animal without the restrictions of written language or fictional stories, making the film a true multisensory experience in which image & sound are in perfect unity.

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