Blaue Hintergrundillustration


Reckless Renovation - A Yemeni Political comedy

Khaleej Aden theater troupe’s play; “Reckless Renovation”, was focusing on a very critical struggle that Yemeni elite community (politicians, journalists, activists) has to face after Arab spring’s revolutions. This was reflected in the play through the dramatic conflict between family members who were divided upon their selves into “anti-regime” rebels and regime supporters “remnants”. At one point; events in the play became intense, when the family got stuck in their under restored bathroom, missing their important appointments drove them crazy and let them uncover their ugly sides. Their political opposition has become profound turning into harmful conversations. Their relation as a family appeared to be fragile compared to their clash. The play was performed on October 2014 in Aden city and achieved huge success, Khaleej Aden Troupe was about to carry out a second season in Sanaa and Taiz when the war started. Unfortunately the play’s decorations were completely destroyed in the war throwing away the hopes in resuming the live shows, until unknown date.

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