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Führung | Sonstige

​Soundcards from a city at the edge of the sea

In the wake of the global lockdowns and their 'interrupted' bangaloREsidency@Pepper House, Edgar Kandratian and Vincent Chomaz invite us to wander through Kochi and listen to the city and its backwaters.

In an introduction to their work*, they take over our Instagram account to post a series of sixteen one-minute long recordings. These soundcards form an associative narrative, a sound map of a city that lives at the edge of the sea. A means to understand what could be gained or lost to climate change – to sea rise, increased level of precipitation, and flooding.

The soundcards will be published every Monday and Thursday at 6.00 p.m. on our Instagram account @goetheinstitutbangalore, from June 15 till July 13, 2020. The entire series will be posted on our Facebook (@goetheinstitut.bangalore) and Twitter (@GI_Bangalore) pages, and archived on this page as well.

Stay tuned, and use your headphones!

*and an overture to their final project.

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