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Virtual Cinema - Thomas Heise's HEIMAT IS A SPACE IN TIME

Support local art-house cinemas by buying a ticket to a Virtual Cinema screening of Thomas Heise's multi award-winning documentary, presented in German with English subtitles.

Heise shares the stories of three generations of his family, in their own words. Heise sets the tone early, reading an anti-war essay written in 1912 by his grandfather Wilhelm, when he was a schoolboy. The director uses the same matter-of-fact, uninflected tone throughout the film – as he reads letters and notes from relatives who lived through the horrors of the First World War, Nazi Germany, and then life in Communist East Germany and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Through a partnership with Icarus Films, Southern California Cinemas Acropolis Cinema, Lumiere Music Hall receive a portion of the box office proceeds.

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