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Poetry Slam

Writing and reading makes you happy and healthy!

I was thinking how this challenging times are in fact 'poetic', realizing the seclusion momentum is giving me back my pure writing self.
I passionately write poems. Some in Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian, which is my mother tongue, and some in English. Yet, they are not the same, each and every one of them is unique and different. The language carries me away and takes me to a poem.
I have a published book of poetry in my native language titled: 'Grown to the Sun' (Uzrasli suncu).
I also have poems written in English that I would like to share with the English speaking public worldwide. These poems, they are universal, deep, they go beyond my ethnic habitus and they miss people reading them.
Shortly, I would like to upload my published book of poetry ‘Uzrasli suncu’ and to present some of my poems in English in writing and audio as well.
My poems are very specific, they are lapidarian and reduced to words with grammar and punctuation in the background, being a secret to me too.
Anyway, the time and situation can open itself to possibilities of coming together in hard times for humankind with a good cause of sharing oneself through the rhymes.

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