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New Alphabet School #4 Caring: Filmscreening

To care is to recognize all bonds, between both humans and non-humans; between humans and their systems, their infrastructures and institutions, and to attend to their fragility. Ethics of care challenge us to construct social relations and systems based on situational and contextual morality, beyond abstract or universal notions of justice, to allow us to turn to processes of care, re-pair, maintenance and healing.

8–9pm Live stream on
Public program: The Book of S of I. Chapter One: Creatures born from Hopelessness
Online film screening by Malu Blume, followed by an artist talk, moderated by Sascia Bailer

Another world, post-apocalypse. In their video work Malu Blume takes the viewer back to the future: The first part of their trilogy appears like a feverish nightmare turning into utopian dreams. Bodies aligned in pleasure, summoning the ghosts of the past and the future. The Book of S of I is a queer feminist sci-fi saga about the desire to belong, aboutthe power of mutual care, bodily pleasures and the yearning for tenderness.

Film still: Wattenmeer (2019) | © Maternal Fantasies

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