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Academic mobility and cooperation in the digital age

During the last few weeks, we have spent a significant part of our time adapting our work lives to social distancing measures, which has led to an intensification of the use of online platforms and other tools facilitating remote cooperation. This experience has energized the discussions involving the implications of the use of digital tools in education, academic and scientific cooperation, their influences on the internationalization of the institutions concerned in addition to the production and sharing of knowledge.
In this online session of DAAD Treffpunkt!, we would like to address the questions that arise alongside this continuous and accelerated technological development for agents involved in education, academic production,and the internationalization of knowledge and institutions. To foster the discussion, we have invited the following specialists:
Prof. Dr. Tel Amiel (UnB / Coordinator of UNESCO Chair in Distance Education)
Prof. Dr. Adriana da Rosa Amaral (Unisinos)
Prof. Dr.Stefan Stieglitz (Uni Duisburg-Essen)
Dr. Jochen Hellmann (DAAD Director in Brazil)

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