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An often invisible part of Europe’s cultural life is revealed and celebrated by the British author and broadcaster Johny Pitts’ through his book Afropean (2018) and his eponymous online journal.

"I saw a continent full of opportunity, of parallels, of possible solidarity, but ultimately what I found empowering was knowing that the continent was full of people like me.”

During this evening, we will take a journey with author/photographer Johny Pitts to search for the black experience in Europe, as expressed through the arts.
How can we understand our continent better by seeing it through Afropean eyes? With cultural antropologist Francio Guadeloupe and author Johny Pitts we will discuss the value of labels such as Afropean. Lisette Ma Neza responds to the work of Johny and to the conversation with several poetry slam performances during the evening.

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