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AMAN (Agenda Seniman) - GAUNG, Agony / Animality

The music group GAUNG from Bandung shows their everyday life during the pandemic and presents the creation process their new single "Agony / Animality".

During the Instagram Live GAUNG gives insights into their creation process. For "Agony / Animality" the musicians interpret so-called graphic scores. The starting point and inspiration are audio-visuals from zoos understood as synthetic habitats, the sounds of wild animals and the Sundanese tradition of "silih asah, asih, asuh" (remembering together, loving each other, guiding each other). They also play excerpts from their upcoming album "Aporia".
In conversation they reflect on what the contradiction of "Agony / Animality" means for us when applied to the lockdown and what forms of sustainable care, which include all living beings, we can develop post-Covid-19.

GAUNG is music group, that their name is term from phenomena of sound and means "abyss" in Malay. Myths, existentialism and exploitation have been consistent inspirations in their music. GAUNGs' music style is influenced progressive psychedelic of the 1970s, krautrock and noise.

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