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Instagram Live with Bagus Pandega

In his works, visual artist living in Bandung Bagus Pandega often challenges the pre-conditioned relationship between the object and the audience by emphasizing the notion of the physical space around him. During the Instagram takeover, Bagus Pandega explains the intentions or concepts of his works as well as obstacles he often experiences with his working method.

During the Instagram LIVE Bagus Pandega will discuss his activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them was a face shield production project together with several artists from Bandung which were then donated to all hospitals in Indonesia in need.

For AMAN (Agenda Seniman) local artists and musicians take over Goethe-Institut Bandungs` Instagram channel and present current works as well as their everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every first Saturday of the month, we present a live session with a studio visit or a jam session followed by a discussion on @goetheinstitut_bandung.

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