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Architecture and Circular Economy

Our society is moving from a linear to a circular economy. In a linear economy, we make use of raw materials that we dismiss as waste at the end of their use. It is only recently that the world has become aware of the irresponsible risk of this model. In a circular economy, raw materials are used over and over again. Since more than half of the waste that our civilization produces is debris from construction and infrastructure, architects play a significant role in the transformation process. 

Peter van Assche is founder of SLA bureau, professor at the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and at Cornell University (NY). SLA is an Amsterdam-based bureau focused on the necessity of transitioning to a circular economy through design. The studio does not wait for commissions to be given, but builds and develops in the city in an innovative way — from their own initiatives and with their own manpower. With this trial and error mentality, Peter van Assche discovers the full potential of material use, energy, waste flows, smart living and working, and development processes.

The event will be held with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia.

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