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Avenida das Maravilhas - Ep.1 e Ep.2

TRANSIT, a coproduction by Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre and Sistema Fecomércio-RS/Sesc establishes exchanges between continents, aesthetics, languages and interpretations, in addition to collaborating in the expansion and qualification of the area of theater critics in Porto Alegre. This year's edition, two productions for the text Wonderland Ave. by the German author Sibylle Berg, were selected. With presentations originally scheduled for the Festival Palco Giratório in May the plays had to be adapted to the virtual environment after the restrictions caused by Covid-19.
Avenida das Maravilhas is a residence space for people in a dystopian reality, where the machine has completely dominated human activities. Under the supervision and continuous surveillance of robots, people face a final competition among themselves in search of the grand prize, holding a tragicomic dialogue between humans and machines. The text was specially adapted from the theatrical to virtual version, using audiovisual resources, within the context of social isolation, giving even more reality to Sibylle Berg's strangely current text.

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