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Ayhan Sicimoğlu Talk on Latin Jazz

Ayhan Sicimoğlu will be on our Youtube channel in the scope of 24th International Ankara Jazz Festival…

Ayhan Sicimoğlu who is a versatile artist, narrator and a percussion master, takes the audience on a magical journey in the world of music with his pleasant conversation.

He is known his TV programs on travel and culture. Musician, traveler, radio broadcaster, TV producer Sicimoğlu, graduated from Talas and Tarsus Amerikan College. After Hacettepe University, he had been educated photography and filming at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art in London. He had also lived in Rome for 5 years and New York. Sicimoğlu is producing a travel and cultural show on Bloomberg Tv named Colours with Ayhan Sicimoğlu, Gastronomy Adventures at Bein Gurme Tv and Lemonade at Bein İZTv. He gives concerts all around the world with his own band.

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