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BACH BRASIL #1 - "Bach Transcriptions" com Fernando Cordella

The new series of monthly concerts "Bach Brasil" will be launched on September 12th with the recital “Bach Transcriptions”, a program exclusively composed of transcriptions for harpsichord, performed by harpsichordist and conductor Fernando Cordella. The project consists of a monthly series of commented concerts, starting on September 12, 2020 and aims to present the complete work of the important German composer: Johann Sebastian Bach. The artists invited to the concerts will offer, in the days before the concerts, classes / masterclasses for students and music professionals, open to the community in general. The initial format with live concerts, was transformed into virtual, with concerts transmitted by streaming within a proposal of high quality of audio and image, signed by EROICA_conteúdo. With artistic direction by harpsichordist Fernando Cordella, executive direction by Fábio Ramos and communication direction by Caio Amon, the program includes musicians with national and international performance, effectively contributing to supply the lack of a continuous program of concert music in Brazil. This project has cultural support from the Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre.

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