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Bilge Günaydın - Daydreams

24th International Ankara Jazz Festival brings together the Daydreams project of Bilge Günaydın Quartet from Istanbul with our audience on our Youtube channel…

Bilge Günaydın Quartet will play the pieces from the first album of the pianist called “Daydreams”. All pieces in this repertoire were composed and arranged by Bilge Günaydın. This repertoire that includes compositions with strong melodic structures and tricky arrangements between two saxes will meet the audience of Ankara firstly. “Üvercinka” that is dedicated to the poem called Üvercinka which was written by Cemal Süreya who is the most important poet in the Turkish literature and “İstanbulin Cats” which was named getting inspired by the collective energy of the musicians and multicultural history of Istanbul are some of the pieces at the repertoire of this concert. A uniq musical journey with the distictive compositions of the pianist and the impressive performance of the orchestra will be waiting for the audience. We appreciate SAMM’s Bistro for their precious support.

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