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Black Techno Futures - Local and Global Perspectives

On the 23rd of July at 9 PM CEST / 3 PM EDT, we will begin our pre-festival discussion series with "Black Techno Futures - Local and Global Perspectives".

Including perspectives from different cities, this discussion will explore the conditions of working as a black person in dance music, diving into challenges, and how things need to change for black people to survive and flourish.

The discussion is programmed and hosted by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson from Discwoman and Brooklyn's Dweller Festival.
Panelists include Jasmine Infiniti (Brooklyn), Lakuti (Berlin/London), Axmed Maxamed (Amsterdam), Authentically Plastic (Kampala), and Onirica (Rio de Janeiro).

This discussion was pre-recorded on 22nd of July, and will have its premiere on 23rd of July.

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