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Bohórquez-Martino Violin-Piano Duo

Brazilian pianist Fabio Martino and German violinist Oscar Bohórquez continue their new musical collaboration this week as a violin-piano Duo at the ‘Fabio Martino @ HOME’ youtube live concert series.

Last week Oscar and Fabio presented a classical programme. This week they show their latinamerican roots with music from Brazil and Argentina. Ramiro Gallo, a very good violinist friend of Oscar, generously shared his music which includes his exciting Bailongo piece ! Fabio champions the repertoire of his country, Brazil, with wonderful songs by Cláudio Santoro and Mossurunga. Their programme is rounded up with a Samba, Tango and Tin Pin Alley by Paul Schoenfield . We are very excited to collaborate again this week. Follow the beginning of a new Duo!

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