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Caste & Queerness in India - Akhil Kang & Dhrubo Jyoti

Pandemic Nation-State II

Presentation and Discussion with Akhil Kang & Dhrubo Jyoti about caste, sexuality & queerness in India

Akhil’s presentation will focus on what queer dalits offer to conversations on race and caste. Dhrubo will talk about caste, journalism, and queerness, in the backdrop of the pandemic and the deepening crisis of citizenship papers in India.

They are closely linked to the movement around caste and sexuality in South Asia that aims to de-center upper-caste voices from LGBTQIA+ movements.

The PANDEMIC FESTIVAL are collective inquiries on power, images, body and politics initiated by Sajan Mani.
This segment is co-curated by Aroh Akunth.

Act 2 of the Pandemic Festival brings together practitioners who will look at the current developments unfolding in India during the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and connect it to the larger politics of Nation-State from their vantage points.

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