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Cem Önertürk & Rustam Rahmedov Trio

24th International Ankara Jazz Festival, brings Rustam Rahmedov Trio with Cem Önertürk together with the audience…

Classical music is composed of conventional forms and rules. This music has made it’s progress and came to date through the innovative and noncompliant composers as in other fields of life. Composers, such as J. S. Bach, L. V. Beethoven and F. Liszt created their original music by changing conventional forms and rules..Liberal nature of Jazz music has always appealed most of the classical music performers. C. Bolling composed many suites for prominent soloist of classical music to perform jazz music which was extremely popular around the 1960s. Not only these pieces revealed the technical details of the performers, but also made it possible to perform with the most popular jazz musicians.. The revolutionary attitude of C. Bolling united the performers at a democratic platform that was separated in two different poles in the music field. During the performance you can sometimes hear the conflict between classical and romantic period harmonies with jazz harmonies which sometimes ends with the victory of jazz music or classical music.

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