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Couch Lesson: AI + Democracy

Democracy is one of humanity's most important achievements. But in recent years we have had to learn that it is by no means something we can take for granted. Anti-democratic tendencies in society are on the rise, elections are influenced by modern technology, disinformation and misleadingly altered images promote racist and sexist attitudes. Increasingly rapid developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence are blamed for filter bubbles, fake news, manipulation, discrimination, and increasingly efficient surveillance of people, and thus for the corrosion of fundamental democratic principles. One thing is certain: Intelligent computer programmes and computer systems pose a challenge to democracy. The question therefore arises as to how we can minimise those aspects of AI that are detrimental to democracy and how we can use AI to support democratic activities and reinforce democratic institutions.

What you will learn:
—In what ways does AI challenge democracy?
—How can the damage-potential of AI technologies be minimised?
—Can AI also be deployed to promote democratic activities?

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