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Couch Lesson: AI + Health

In the previous Couch Lesson on AI + COVID-19, it became clear that one of the key areas in which AI can be utilized is general health research and drug discovery. To follow up on that insight, we’re hosting this session to uncover how AI is currently being used to improve public health, how it’s facilitating the development of new drugs and what large-scale effects this set of technologies might have on healthcare in societies around the world.

What you will learn:
•How is AI used in drug discovery?
•Will improvements in AI technology make us live longer?
•Will life expectancy increase for all people (in all geographies)?

Naomi Lee, Vice Chair at ITU/WHO Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health and Senior Executive Editor, The Lancet / UK
Maxine Mackintosh, The Alan Turing Institute, The Health Foundation and the University of Oxford / UK
Frank Noe, Head of the AI4Science Group, Freie Universität Berlin / Germany

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