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Couch Lesson: AI + Language

Language enables people to express feelings and thoughts. It is the basis of our culture and of complex social systems. Language is what defines human beings - or does it? In recent years, AI has made great progress in writing and translating texts independently. The GPT-3 language programme developed by OpenAI and presented this year can imitate Shakespeare, write programme code, simplify legal texts and translate foreign languages. Does this make AI an author and interpreter? And does this point to intelligence as it is usually attributed to human beings? We will ask a computer scientist, a computational linguist and an artist.

What you will learn:
•How does AI process and generate language?
•How good are texts and translations by AI today?
•How creative is an AI that writes texts by itself?

Melanie Mitchell, Davis Professor of Complexity at the Santa Fe Institute and Professor of Computer Science, Portland State University

Aljoscha Burchardt, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Ross Goodwin, creative technologist, artist, hacker, data scientist

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