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Couch Lesson: AI + Music

Each of our Couch Lessons will be opened by a piece of music produced by or with AI. This is the right moment to devote a session to this topic. Research into automatically generated machine music has been underway for more than fifty years. In recent years, however, music production using algorithms has gained considerable momentum. Artificial intelligence is increasingly capable of creating new pieces of music from existing compositions and imitating musical styles. Thus non-professionals can also become music producers. In addition, AI is also being used by musicians to try out ambitious avant-garde experiments. We will introduce three of these musicians in our Couch Lesson.

What you will learn:
• How can AI be trained to create music on its own?
• Can a composing AI really become creative?
• How will AI change music and songwriting?


Claire L. Evans, singer, writer and artist, lead singer of the pop group YACHT / US

Holly Herndon, composer, musician and sound artist / Germany

Ash Koosha, composer, producer, singer and filmmaker / UK

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