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Couch Lesson: AI + Reality

What images are still real today? With artificial intelligence, videos can be manipulated in such a way that differences with a real image can hardly be detected. The technology allows users to have people say or do things that they have never said or done. Everyone can become someone else, even in real time. In the future, AI will also construct near-real worlds in video games, creating a whole new generation of games. Procedurally generated content will be individually adapted to the respective player and allow her to interact with characters that are (almost) indistinguishable from a real counterpart. But what will happen to a society when computer technology can create things that simulate reality but are not in fact real - and it becomes increasingly difficult to verify this?

What you will learn:
•What are AI-generated deepfakes?
•How can AI be used to detect manipulated images?
•How can AI be used to personalise video games and thus make them more authentic?

Giorgio Patrini, CEO and Chief Scientist at sensity
Julian Togelius, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, New York University
Hao Li, Founder and CEO of Pinscreen

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