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Couch Lesson: AI + The Future of Work

Artificial intelligence will turn the world of work upside down. It will lay the groundwork for a new form of automation. More and more job profiles and work processes will first be supplemented by artificial intelligence, and later perhaps entirely replaced by it. If the projections are correct,40% of all current jobs will be eliminated within the next fifteen years. Why hire a human being when a computer can do the same job more efficiently and at a lower cost? On the other hand, digitization will create completely new jobs and it offers the possibility that humanity can devote itself to other activities rather than just working to earn a living. So what will the work of tomorrow look like?

What you will learn:
- How Artificial Intelligence will influence the world of work
- Which jobs AI will make obsolete and which new tasks will be generated as AI technology becomes more sophisticated
- Isn’t it a good thing to work less and let machines take over?

Anne-Marie Imafidon, MBE, co-founder of Stemettes
Vanja Tufvesson, CTO at Tengai Unbiased and Co-Founder of Pink Programming
Carl Frey, Director of on the Future of Work program at the Oxford Martin School

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